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Michael R Mundrane

I am writing to announce a number of organizational changes that IST has
made in order to address existing challenges and to leverage
opportunities identified through our recent planning work. Over the last
two years IST has lost key positions through a combination of attrition
and budget reductions. We have have worked hard in a number of ways to
compensate for the loss of these resources. We continued that work by
making the following, additional changes, which became effective May 1,

The Operational Excellence spans and layers exercise left IST with a
smaller number of supervisors to manage across IST’s full set of
activities. In order to address this reduction, the IST leadership team
will be organized into departments headed by staff with current Career
Compass classifications of Manager Level 3. These individuals are JR
Schulden, David Greenbaum, Walt Hagmaier, Michael Green, Bill Allison,
and Karen Kato, who will all report directly to me. Existing activities
within IST, though mostly unchanged, will be distributed into the six
departments reporting to the department directors named above. Each IST
department will continue to receive financial and purchasing support
through the Office of the DCIO.

These changes, which are documented in the attached PDF, are aligned
with the strategic direction of the organization and the University’s
Operational Excellence initiative. They accomplish a number of immediate
goals including:

* leveraging a larger set of skilled managers for the IST leadership team;
* realigning existing activities with complementary skill sets so that
respective service areas will be positively reinforced;
* supporting areas of focus consistent with our ongoing planning.

An updated organization chart is available for your immediate reference.


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have comments,
questions or concerns.



Dr. Michael R Mundrane
Deputy Chief Information Officer
University of California, Berkeley

Phone: 510.642.6365    Cell: 510.457.5128    Fax: 510.643.5385

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