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[Micronet] Identity and Access Management Job Openings - UCB and UCSF

Dedra Chamberlin
Announcing two job openings......

1. IAM Engineering Manager
* Full-time, permanent position
* Manage a joint team of IAM engineers at UCB and UCSF (7 staff)
* Focus on core operations - system stability, monitoring, security, documentation, strong operational procedures for code development and release, etc
* Manage people and budget
* Work with Deputy Director for IAM to allocate resources appropriately to IAM operations and IAM next generation development

This position is funded by UC Berkeley, but holds operational responsibility at UCB and UCSF per Memorandum of Understanding.  More information is available on the UCB job site at <http://jobs.berkeley.edu/>.  Search for job #14388.

2. Web App Developer
* Full-time, one-year position
* Develop web applications using the Grails framework
* Play a key role in building next generation IAM systems for UCB and UCSF
* Remote work possible during this contract (though we prefer on site as the position may become permanent and we would love to have you join our team)

This position is funded by UCSF.  More information on how to apply is available here:  https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu/x/2AWbAw

- Dedra

Dedra Chamberlin, Deputy Director
Identity and Access Management 
UCSF and UC Berkeley

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