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[Micronet] Important & Time Sensitive Cal 1 Card Survey

Michelle Mason
Sending out on behalf of RSSP Chief of Staff, Mary-Ann Spencer Cogan, and the Cal 1 Card Governance Committee.

Dear Campus Colleagues, September 23, 2015

You are receiving this email and survey because you have been identified as a key stakeholder that can provide and/or obtain relevant information to ensure a successful implementation for new Cal 1 Card enhancements. The Cal 1 Card Governance Council* is planning to improve the AC Transit Class Pass program and increase overall Cal 1 Card functionality and security for students and all other users which will require technology upgrades by Fall Semester 2016.

  • If your department is or anticipates using the Cal 1 Card via any type of card swipe system for building access, room or lab access, to track any type of attendance, check out books/materials/supplies, or any other special use for students, staff, faculty or other affiliated campus individuals, we need to know.  

  • We also need to know if you are not currently or don’t anticipate using the card this way.

We need to receive information from all campus constituencies and departments contacted related to their use of the Cal 1 Card to ensure no one has an unanticipated service disruption. Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience but no later than October 7, 2015.  If circumstances are such that you are finding it difficult to meet the deadline, please let us know that you will require an extension.  If you are not the correct contact person for your department, please feel free to either forward the survey along to the appropriate contact or let us know so that we can do so directly.

Survey Goal:

  • Collect relevant information on how student, employee, and affiliate organizations use the Cal 1 Card

  • Identify and document potential impacts and technology challenges campus departments may experience if card features and technological components change due to the Cal 1 Card technology enhancement

Survey Deadline:

  • Based on our project deadlines, we would greatly appreciate it if responses are received by 10/7/15

Please click here to take the survey.

Thank you for your assistance,

Mary-Ann Spencer Cogan

Chief of Staff, Residential and Student Services Programs

Division of Student Affairs, UC Berkeley

         *The Cal 1 Cal Governance Committee consists of Directors from Residential and Student Services Programs, who   oversees the C1C operation, the University Registrar, UCPD, Financial Operations, Parking and Transportation, Financial Aid, and Student Affairs Information Technology and Communication teams.

Michelle Mason, PMP®, CSM
Project Manager, Portfolio and Project Management Office
Student Affairs Information Technologies
University of California, Berkeley
Office: 510-643-6310
Web: http://sait.berkeley.edu

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