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[Micronet] Invitation to the Campus User Technology Architecture Team

Dear Campus IT Community,

In order to understand the needs of distributed IT and to share knowledge
and practice across campus during these rapidly changing times, I would
like to invite you to participate in the newly established Campus User
Technology Architecture Team.

Modeled on the Calnet Tech team, the purpose of this group will be to
gather input, brainstorm, discuss, review and evaluate technical aspects
of the architecture and roadmaps for end user support technology. Topics
may include: hardware standards; software procurement and distribution;
support tools like BigFix, Bomgar, Mobile Iron, AirWatch, MokaFive and
user-oriented IT supported technologies such as Box.net. The team will
be led by Sian Shumway from Campus Technology Services.

This group will meet monthly, and the first meeting is scheduled for
Monday, December 5th at 11am in 60 Barrows. At that meeting we will
discuss my vision and expectations for the team, logistics for
future meetings, email lists, wiki, and an official name of the group, etc.
Sian will also initiate a discussion about software distribution for Productivity
Suite to make things as smooth as possible for campus IT staff. For those
that are unable to attend, we will post our minutes after the meeting.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing
you on the 5th!

Bill Allison
Director, Campus Technology Services

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