[Micronet] Itanium2 and Chatsworth Relay Rack Gear for a worthy adopter

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[Micronet] Itanium2 and Chatsworth Relay Rack Gear for a worthy adopter

jon kuroda-2
It seems every time I have stuff up for grabs, it's always right before
I am about to go off on travel (like last time with CPI Rack gear), and
I'll be out of town supporting an off-site event M-W, but at least I'll
be nearish.

This time, more Chatsworth gear and one retired Cluster.

* HP Itanium2 rackmount servers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_Integrity
- ~30 HP Integrity rx1620 1U servers
- ~60 HP Integrity rx2600 2U servers

These must stay on campus and actually be used for something,
such as a research project that can effectively utilise them.

These systems have been off for close to a year at this point
so some may not boot any more.  

We strongly prefer adoption of all of them or at least a very
large fraction as opposed to adoption in small quantities. If
you choose to adopt them all at once, I may be able to secure
you a rack with rails - some assembly will be required by you
or your merry band of minions.

Transport of equipment from Soda Hall must be provided by the
department adopting the equipment.

* More Chatsworth Products relay rack gear.

We are demolishing a server room for a remodel, so all of the
CPI gear is going.  I have not done a full inventory, so I'll
post links from my EECS homepage once I get that done:


The link ought to be pretty obvious - I just haven't had time
to set it up yet.


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