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[Micronet] JACS updates for Apple & Dell; CDW-G contact

Petersen, Joanne

Here are the latest JACS (Joint Academic Computing Standards) updates:


APPLE:  JACS models are shown as “Recommended for you” models at the bottom of the Home page of the punch-out. 

-        All JACS models are configurable after you load the model into your cart and click the “Configure” button.

-        Pricing as shown on the Home or model page is not correct; the correct (lower) price will appear in your cart.  We’re working with Apple to fix the discrepancy and show the lower price on the Home and model pages.

·        New iMacs models: faster processors, Iris Pro/NVIDIA GeForce 700 graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, all leading to faster performance than the previous generation. 

·        MacBook models: 256 GB minimum hard drives and 8 GB memory are the default now. 

·        MacBook Pro 13" was removed as a JACS model.  The 15” models with and without Retina display (RD) remain.

·        MacBook Air 11" was added as a JACS model along with the 13.3” Air.  Both have updated 1.3GHz dual-core Intel i5 Haswell processors for improved performance.



·        Changes made to defaults: webcams in all laptops, 8 GB memory, 256 GB hard drives.

·        6430U ultraportable laptop has a wireless docking station (D5000) which requires the 1601 WiGig card.  The 6430U will NOT work with the Dell E-docking stations.

·        9020 will be replacing 9010 as the JACS standard desktop.

·        We are investigating the 7xxx series laptops as future replacements for the 6xxx series.


This is not JACS, but still worthwhile knowing:



·        If you find a better price at another vendor for CDW-G’s computer accessories or peripherals as shown in their punch-out, please contact Paul Cardamone, [hidden email], to obtain a comparable quote, providing the item is the same (not refurbished or different configuration). 


If you have any questions regarding JACS or procurement of IT hardware, please let me know!


Joanne Hiratsuka Petersen

Strategic Sourcing Manager - IT Hardware | Campus Procurement & Contracting

UC Berkeley Procurement Services | 1995 University Avenue #325 | Berkeley, CA 94704

University of California, San Francisco |1855 Folsom #304 | San Francisco, CA 94143-0910

( 415-514-2872 | * [hidden email] | [hidden email]


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