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[Micronet] LabTech Conference at LBNL - This coming Tuesday - An Open Invite to Micronet

Adam Stone

On behalf of IT Division at LBL, I'd like to extend an invitation to register for LabTech - happening this coming Tuesday April 24, 2012 in Building 50 at the Lab.  LabTech2012 is Berkeley Lab's inaugural computing and technology conference created by and for the LBL community (modeled after UCSD's Sharecase).  The event is free (and even includes lunch and snacks) but registration is required at http://go.lbl.gov/labtech.   If you help support LBNL folks, or are just interested in what's going on up here, you're welcome to come join us.  We have a small number of spaces still available so please only register if you're sure you can attend for at least part of the day.  

A sample of what's on the agenda:

Even before the full conference gets started at noon, several in-depth tutorials will be available that morning, including tutorials on EndNote, Programming in Google Apps Script and Google App Engine, and a hands on demo oriented towards research staff on getting started using Amazon Web Services for Science.

The conference itself begins at noon with lunch (free!) and short keynote presentations on what's new and what's coming soon from a technology perspective at the Lab.

We'll then settle in for a multi-track lightning round - 25 minute sessions in 5 parallel tracks throughout the afternoon.  The tracks include: Ops Made Easy, Support for Science, Tech Talk, Tips and Tricks, and Hands On.  You can view the preliminary list of sessions on the website, but some highlights include: Data Intensive Computing & Data Transfer Tools, Managing Heterogenous Data, iOS tips and tricks, Virtualization for Science, Overview of Amazon Web Services for Science, Research Services (Library) Overviews, CAS SciFinder in Depth, Business Systems Roadmap, Scientific Publication Management System Preview,Excel Pivot Tables, Gmail Ninja Tricks... and many more - almost all of these presented by your colleagues with a few targeted vendor presentations where we thought it was appropriate.

At the end of the day, join us for a happy hour event beginning at 5pm on the patio between 50A and 50B.  Network with your fellow LBL staff and meet some of the tech vendors the lab does business with most frequently.

To attend, you need to register.  To learn more about the event and to register, visit http://go.lbl.gov/labtech

UCB folks who register can ride the LBNL shuttle right to the conference with their Cal1Card.  

We look forward to seeing you.

Adam Stone
Deputy CIO, IT Division
Berkeley Lab, University of California

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