[Micronet] Larry Conrad's presentation to Micronet-April 15, 2013

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[Micronet] Larry Conrad's presentation to Micronet-April 15, 2013

Claudia A. WATERS
Hello Micronetters!

Below is a link to the Micronet Meeting of April 15, 2013.  Larry Conrad, UC Berkeley's new Chief Information Oficer, was Micronet's guest and we would like to thank him for his presentation.

I'd also like to thank Clarissa Fermin, Mike and Nicole and the 60 Barrows crew, and Sergey Shevtchenko for technical assistance with the streaming and recording of the talk.

Larry Conrad's presentation to Micronet: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31514071

Chair of Micronet
Claudia Waters
Manager Computing and Statistics
School of Social Welfare
University of California
(510) 643-6668

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