[Micronet] Last call for OS X hardware that will run 10.7 Lion

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[Micronet] Last call for OS X hardware that will run 10.7 Lion

Ben Gross
Hi Everyone,

Apple said that it will release OS X Mountain Lion / 10.8 in July. Once Apple releases an new major OS version, all hardware immediately begins shipping with the current OS. Technically, the OS X license does not allow downgrading the OS on new hardware. Running an old version of the OS on new hardware would officially be an unsupported configuration.

Frequently, new hardware models released after the OS release require device drivers that do not exist in the previous version of the OS so even if you try to downgrade it won't work without some hacking, which would certainly be unsupported.

In short, if you have an absolute requirement for hardware that can run OS X Lion / 10.7, I suggest you order it immediately. You will not be able to purchase machines with Lion from Apple by the end of the month.

Thank you,
Ben Gross
Manager, End User Infrastructure
Information Services and Technology Division
University of California, Berkeley
[hidden email]
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