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[Micronet] MONDAY: Agile Brown Bag: Agile Project from Start to Finish: Noon to 1:30: 101A Warren Hall

Judy Dobry-2

Want to do an Agile project from start to finish?  Then come to our
meeting on Monday as we kick off a series of workshops that will take us
through all phases of an Agile project.  This series is equally useful
for newbies and experienced Agilests and for IT and non-IT folks.  Our
goal is to go through the whole Agile process with a real world project
so that we can all learn how to do it better.

At Monday's workshop we'll be constructing an Agile charter.  I know, I
know I too once thought who needs to have a charter for a small
project.  But Jon Conhaim's template changed my mind and I think it will
change your mind too.  When you get through this document, you will be
clear about your next steps and you will know that everyone on your team
is on the same page.

So come hear Jon, head of IST's Technology Program Office and one the
campus' most successful project managers, explain how to kick off a
successful project.  You may want to come to Warren Hall if you can
since this is a hands on workshop.

Time:  noon to 1:30
Place:  101A Warren Hal
Online:  stay tuned to our Monday email for more info

For more info about Agile please go to our Web site, agile.berkeley.edu.

Judy (for the Agile organizing committee)

Judy Dobry
Director, Systems
Graduate Division
302 Sproul Hall
UC, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
510 642 1131

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