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[Micronet] MONDAY: Agile Brown Bag: Service Blueprinting: Noon in 127 Dwinelle

Judy Dobry-2
Topic:  Service Blueprinting
Date:  Monday, September 29 from Noon to 1:30
Place:  127 Dwinelle  

Meeting Description:

Every wonder how your customers experience your service?  Want to know how you can improve their experience?

The answers are at the next Agile Brown Bag meeting where we will be learning Service Blueprinting. 

Service Blueprinting is an invaluable tool, and starting point, for evaluating how end-users experience your service.  Using this technique, you'll learn how to map out a customer's journey and how s/he interacts with your staff and systems to reach their goal.  During this workshop, you'll work in teams to map out a generalized Hiring Process from the perspective of a job applicant.  

Experienced users and newbies are welcome at this meeting.

This presentation is being brought to you by Daphne Ogle, Senior User Experience Designer / Project Manager at  ETS and Bernadette Geuy, CalCentral Service Manager and the User Experience Lead, SIS Replacement Project.  Both of them are experts in the area of user experience design and we are very lucky to have them.

(More information on Service Blueprinting can be found on Cooper's Service Design blog site.  Also, check out this Cooper primer: Service Design 101)

See you there,

Judy (on behalf of the Agile Organizing Committee)

Judy Dobry
Director, Systems
Graduate Division
309 Sproul Hall
UC, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720
510 642 1131

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