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Vivian Sophia
Hi Micronet,

A new announcement mailing list has been created with a slightly different name. The address for the list is [hidden email]. This is a replacement for the [hidden email] list. We had some trouble creating a list with a dash in the name, but have worked through the difficulties. 

Everyone who subscribed to the previous list has been transferred to the replacement list.

Everything else about the list is the same:

Anyone can send an announcement to the list, but it is a moderated list, so only announcements pertinent to Micronet will go through. Requests for information, ideas or help will not be accepted and should only be sent to the regular micronet list. Aron, Ian and I are moderators. 

People who would like to continue to receive all Micronet mailings do not need to do anything. All messages sent to the announce list will also be sent to Micronet automatically.

People who would like to receive announcements only should remove themselves from Micronet and add themselves to micronet-announce. 

Anyone interested can join the announce list.

You should not join both lists, since announce mailings are sent to micronet.

People who send announcements do not need to send to both lists. You should only send to micronet-announce.

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT (CSS)
Business/Tech Support Analyst
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
(510) 541-6120

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