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[Micronet] Micronet meeting today Wednesday August 25, 10:30-noon

Claudia A. WATERS

Hi all,

Micronet meeting today Wednesdayà August 25, 10:30-noon


Speaker: Shel Waggener--Implementation of Operational Excellence


Remember to read pages 72-82 of the OE report, you can find it at http://www.berkeley.edu/oe/phase1/phase1-full.pdf


Message from Shel regarding this meeting:

I am looking forward to the discussion and would ask those members of the Micronet community who will be attending to be sure to read the OE report from the Diagnostic Phase (pages 72-82 in particular). I will be discussing how the OE IT team is structured and how we are approaching the design process and hopefully getting some ideas on where the campus technical community sees opportunities.   If you have questions you would like submit in advanced, please send your question anonymously to me - [hidden email] 




Future meetings:

September: no meeting

October 27, 10:30-noon:  Michael Sinatra

November 10:  to be decided

December 8: to be decided


Hope to see you all today at 10:30, this Wednesday, August 25, in 150 University Hall.





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