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[Micronet] Micronet this Wednesday,December 12,10:30-noon

Claudia A. WATERS

Hello Micronetters!
I have received some questions for our Caltime speakers for Micronet this coming Wednesday, December 12, 10:30-noon in 150 University Hall.  I have forwarded them all to Inez Bailey, the coordinator of our Caltime@Micronet discussion.   Thanks, Inez, for putting together this panel.

We will also tape this talk and put up on the Micronet site for later viewing.  We are all volunteers and so there may be a slight delay in getting information up on the site and sending the video out to our list.

We will also be celebrating all you Micronetters and the spirit of this organization this coming Wednesday with a holiday cookie-thon.  In the spirit of being positive, bring 5 or more of  your favorite cookies to share.  Need a recipe?  Who else but Martha Stewart (a closet Micronetter, I suspect)-- If you need a recipe, go to: http://www.marthastewart.com/275340/christmas-sugar-cookies/@center/276951/christmas-cookies?xsc=eml_msl_2012_11_29&om_rid=Dk3Bjg&om_mid=_BQt2qMB8vZiSjX

See you all this coming Wednesday.  I will bring trays on which you can place your cookies.

Claudia Waters
Manager Computing and Statistics
School of Social Welfare
University of California
(510) 643-6668

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