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Hello all, We have a user who was previously working for Haas but is now at Facilities Services. Haas has released him from their OU Back into FSA. I’m having trouble moving him into our CP OU.

I keep getting    “The following CalNetID's were not moved. guichard You are not a Deputy for this users Primary Department”   error. I’ve been told by our HR that his department has been changed, however I still get the message.


I’d like to note that I’m Deputy for the following units: AKITS, ALPDC, AWREO, FJPPS, AKVCC, ALCPP, however Tim is in ALCCI (to which I have no access)


User Information.

Name: Tim Guichard, MA

Home Department: ALCCI - Facilities Srv - CIS Insp Svcs

Does anyone know the process of freeing this user to move?



Thanks, Lawrence



Lawrence Felipe

FSIT  Room 240

2000 Carleton StBerkeley, CA 94720-1384

Phone: 510-643-9835

Cell: 510-499-1539

[hidden email]



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