[Micronet] Need spare Adaptec Perc/Cerc 4 cards

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[Micronet] Need spare Adaptec Perc/Cerc 4 cards

Bill Gross
We need a SCSI adapter and cable for diagnosis purposes.  I have a
server that is displaying multiple symptoms.  It could be a card, a
cable or a drive.  I bought the drives already, but before I proceed any
further and spend any more money I would like to try and troubleshoot if
at all possible.

To test, I need an Adaptec Perc/Cerc 4 SCSI adapter which will go into a
PowerEdge 800 server.
I believe it is a  Dell PERC4/DC (LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2) 2-channel
ultra320 SCSI RAID storage adapter w/128MB
A single channel card would do as well.
This is the kind that is cables,not hot swappable (which I also need)

The cable is 68 pin ultra 320 SCSI, and I would need at least 3 but
would prefer 4 connectors on the cable.

Bill Gross

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