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[Micronet] NetReg Demo and Q&A, July 23 10:30-12, 150 Uhall

Allison Henry
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Everything you ever wanted to know about NetReg -- don't be afraid to ask!

On July 28th, Information Security and Policy will cut over all
security notification routing to our new network registration
application, NetReg. The Security Contacts Application will be retired
and registration data from that application will no longer be used for
security notices.

Are you ready for the conversion? Having any difficulty getting your
network registrations moved over to NetReg? Confused about email
messages from NetReg? Wondering how best to structure your
department's multiple points of contact?

If so please come to our NetReg demonstration and Q&A session:

Wed, July 23rd, 10:30am-12noon, 150 University Hall

We will be begin with a brief demonstration of NetReg, then answer any
questions as well as help out security contacts having difficulty
getting assets properly registered.

Thanks all and hope to see you there!

- --
Allison Henry
Security Operations Manager
Information Security and Policy
University of California, Berkeley
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