[Micronet] New Blue Jeans Videoconference Features for UC Berkeley Customers

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[Micronet] New Blue Jeans Videoconference Features for UC Berkeley Customers

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Dear Berkeley Blue Jeans customers,

The Berkeley Blue Jeans service has been upgraded to include Enhanced Recording and increased meeting capacity to 100 connections (previously 25). These features have now been turned on for all customers currently using Blue Jeans.

What is Enhanced Recording Capability?

Enhanced Recording allows for unlimited recording hours and the ability to share links to recorded sessions. For more information about recording, see these links:

Blue Jeans Recording & Playback Instructions
Share & Download Blue Jeans Recordings

When recording is turned on, participants entering the meeting will be alerted that they are being recorded per the campus electronic communications policy. For policies regarding electronic communications, please see:



If you have any additional questions or concerns, submit those to CSS IT by emailing [hidden email] or calling 664-9000, then selecting option 1.

Michelle Bautista
Campus Shared Services IT
BlueJeans Service Owner

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