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[Micronet] New bMail User Interface for Compose

John McChesney-Young
I've had a couple of faculty flummoxed by the new bMail Compose
interface; one of them wrote me last night with the subject header,
"Google Mail Hell." Not everyone in our department has had it rolled
out to them so you may not know what I'm talking about, but be warned
that if you're on bMail (or personal Gmail) it's coming.

Here's a helpful article at CHE:


It passes along Google's explanation for why they did it and offers
helpful advice and tips, including how to delay the inevitable, at
least for a while.

I switched my personal Gmail when the interface was first offered -
last year sometime? - hated it and switched back, then tried it again,
and now after using it for many months I prefer it. YMMV.


John McChesney-Young, Administrative Assistant
History of Art Department, 416 Doe MC6020
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720-6020
[hidden email] // voice 1-510-642-5511 // fax 1-510-643-2185

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