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[Micronet] Next Agile Brown Bag - Monday, 4/21 - Product Owners - Building Value Into the Product

Judy Dobry-2
Please join us at the next Agile Brown Bag
Monday 4/21 12n-130p
Warren Hall 200C

Product Owners - Building value in the product

While many have heard of scrum, an agile framework often used in
software development, and the Scrum Master who leads the team, few have
heard of the scrum role Product Owner.

The Product Owner role is to provide a vision for the end product,
manage stakeholders, and ensure features that are being developed
provide value to the business.

Michelle Bautista and Jennifer Dsouza will present on the role of
Product Owner and how this is a role many Business Analysts find
themselves migrating too.

This brown bag is discuss:
-Scrum roles: Scrum Master and Product Owner
-Business Analyst to Product Owner: what's different, what's the same,
what do you need to make the jump
-Fun hands on games: Prioritization and Build a House. These two
exercises will provide attendees with hands on experience of the life of
a Product Owner.


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