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[Micronet] OX Documents, an Alternative to Google Docs

John McChesney-Young
Michael Sinatra's excellent cautionary addition to the thread I began
with my message about Google Keep warning of the dangers of depending
on free services provides a good segue to a note about a forthcoming
basket possibly worth testing with a few eggs:


Although it's also free, the business plan depends on income from
selling a supported version to businesses rather than advertising. It
may evaporate sooner or later, but what I find most appealing about
the idea is that the company claims it will solve a problem I've had
with MS Word files I've uploaded to Docs for editing: although it
won't be as full-featured as the desktop application, unlike Google
Docs it won't strip out features it can't understand.

Back to Google's trust problem, when they announced the end of Reader
I doubt my Twitter feed would have expressed more collective horror if
they'd banned cat videos from YouTube. See also:


John, who still misses Google Wave

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