[Micronet] Older version of Google Apps Sync for Outlook going away

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[Micronet] Older version of Google Apps Sync for Outlook going away

Bernie Rossi
I am sending this on to assist you with identifying your users who might still be using an old version. 



IMPORTANT: Older versions of GASMO will stop working after Jan 12, 2015

Hello Google Apps administrator,

We’ve identified user accounts in your berkeley.edu domain using deprecated versions 3.2 or older of the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® (GASMO) client. The calendar sync features in Outlook will stop working after Jan 12, 2015, unless your users are upgraded.

Google is unable to provide customers with a list of GASMO users. If you’re unable to identify GASMO users, we recommend instructing your Help Desk Team to troubleshoot GASMO synchronization failures by first upgrading to the latest version. You can also use a software inventory system to find GASMO installations. (GASMO appears in the "Add/Remove Programs" list in Windows, so most software inventory tools can find it along with version information.)

It is critical that users update GASMO to the latest version 3.5 before Jan 12, 2015.

The GASMO software is usually auto-updated as Google releases new versions. However, one of following situations is occurring:

  • The Google Update functionality is disabled.
  • The GASMO Enterprise MSI is installed, which does not auto-update.
  • The GASMO client is failing to auto-update.

If you disabled automatic updates or installed the Google Apps for Work version that doesn't include automatic updates (i.e., the MSI version of GASMO), download the latest version of GASMO (3.5.385.1020).

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