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Ian Crew

I'm passing along an important message from the Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee about Operational Excellence.  My apologies if you have received this message more than once. It is our goal to distribute this as widely as possible. If you have access to an email list and can pass the message on further, please do.  --Ian Crew, CSAC Member


July 2010


UC Berkeley Staff:


As you know, in response to the ongoing financial crisis, UC Berkeley is setting out to transform its administrative operations through the Operational Excellence (OE) initiative.  At this critical juncture, as OE moves into the design phase, it is imperative that as many staff as possible get involved and make their voices heard. As a member of the Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC), I want to encourage you consider volunteering, even if for a limited commitment, to help shape the future of our campus.


Recently staff was invited to volunteer for one of the OE design teams (Procurement, Organizational Simplification, Information Technology, Energy Management, Student Services, Financial Management, and High-Performance Culture). You may have felt that the required 20-40% time commitment for the Design Teams made your participation impossible.  While OE Design Teams are already close to underway, there are many other ways to participate--we encourage you to find one that works for you. The Chancellor has made clear that supervisors should support staff participation in OE.  Here are some ways to take part:


  • Share your expertise: volunteer to serve as a member of an OE focus group or design team sub-group, or as an interview subject.  Participation at this level could take as little as one hour--even a small contribution of time can make a big difference. It is not too late to submit your self-nomination at the OE website. [1]
  • Keep informed: stay abreast of OE developments and opportunities to provide input by signing up to receive OE email updates. If you are a supervisor, be sure to share announcements about OE with your staff. [2]
  • Commit to continuous learning: free trainings are available that can give you the skills you need to contribute to change in a meaningful way, as well as position yourself for professional success in our changing work environment.  These include courses on process improvement and participatory group decision-making. Take the time to speak with your supervisor about which trainings are right for you. If you are a supervisor, work with your staff to create professional development plans that take OE into account. [3]


Organizational change can be difficult. Over the next few years, many of us will face changes to our responsibilities and relationships at work—some positive, some difficult.  This is our chance to help shape the change that is coming to our campus, change that will impact every employee.  We urge you to take part.


Roia Ferrazares

Chair, Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee

[hidden email]



[1] To volunteer, go to http://berkeley.edu/oe/phase2/volunteer.shtml.


[2] Sign up for OE updates at https://calmail.berkeley.edu/manage/list/listinfo/oe_update@....


[3] Learn about training at http://hrweb.berkeley.edu/hrclass.htm


The Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC) is a diverse group of 16 staff members that strive to provide candid staff input on key issues to the Chancellor and his Cabinet. For more information, visit http://csac.chance.berkeley.edu/

Ian Crew
Media Vault Program
Information Services and Technology-Data Services
University of California, Berkeley
2195 Hearst Ave, Second Floor

Outgoing Chair, Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee

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