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Petersen, Joanne

PC Survey – deadline January 15th 2014


The PC Purchasing Agreement Survey task force recommends changes in how standard model/configurations are selected, and provides clear communication to stakeholders promoting the process and the resulting models/configurations selected to be UC standards.  These changes should increase adoption of the standard PC configurations through solicitation of input from those involved with selection of model/configurations for customers coupled with effective negotiation of volume discounts for those models/configurations.  


At a high level the process would include:

1) periodically survey campuses to determine the standard that best addresses the requirements of users, I.T. groups, and their respective campuses

2) analyze responses to determine models/configurations that best meet demand

3) negotiate with vendors to find the best price relative to demand

4) communicate with stakeholders regarding the value of the standardization process and the selected models/configurations


The survey instrument considers what is valuable to customers and the I.T. personnel who support those users.  It will provide additional data to support negotiation of volume discounts.   The survey would be distributed annually to those stakeholders on campuses involved with the purchase of PCs via distribution of an email to individuals and lists.  The survey would be distributed on a semi-annual cycle to those stakeholders involved with the purchase of at least 100 units.  The survey can be found at https://fresnostate.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3CbR5tdS61HKnhb or http://tinyurl.com/UCPCSurvey.


Please distribute the survey email (below) to those whom you think would be able to reflect the computing needs of users.  The survey will open December 15 and remain open through January 15, 2014.


Best regards,


Joanne Hiratsuka Petersen

Strategic Sourcing Manager - IT Hardware | Campus Procurement & Contracting

University of California, San Francisco |1855 Folsom #304 | San Francisco, CA 94143-0910

UC Berkeley Procurement Services | 1995 University Avenue #325 | Berkeley, CA 94704

( 415-514-2872 | * [hidden email] | [hidden email]


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