[Micronet] REMINDER: Webnet Meeting June 23rd: UC's IT Accessibility Policy

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[Micronet] REMINDER: Webnet Meeting June 23rd: UC's IT Accessibility Policy

Web Accessibility
Hello -

Just a reminder about tomorrow's Webnet meeting in 303 Doe, 12:00-1:30pm! We hope you can join us to discuss UC's IT Accessibility Policy. Including Micronet in this email in case anyone on that mailing list is interested.

Full details below!

On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 4:41 PM, Web Accessibility <[hidden email]> wrote:
Please join us for the next Webnet meeting on Tuesday, June 23rd, noon - 1:30pm in 303 Doe.

Topic: UC's IT Accessibility Policy: A How-To Primer for Users, Buyers, Content Owners, and Web Developers

You've heard that the UC has a systemwide policy for web accessibility - so what does that mean for you, as members of the Webnet community?
  • Do you own or work on content created for UC Berkeley?
  • Do you purchase products?
  • Are you a web developer for UC Berkeley websites and web-based products?
  • Are you a user of technology?
(Hint: That's all of you!)

The Web Accessibility team (part of IST-API's Web Platform Services) is available to help campus departments ensure that their websites and web-based projects are accessible.

UC Berkeley is a community of many different people, and we must try to always include all of them in our programs by ensuring that people with and without disabilities can access your content. By adhering to the accessibility policy, you demonstrate the excellence and inclusiveness of our campus.

Learn your responsibilities, how the Web Access team can help you, and the benefits of accessibility, whether you are a user of technology, content owner, buyer, or web developer.


Lucy Greco, Caroline Boyden, Anna Gazdowicz (Web Accessibility team at UC Berkeley)

Web Accessibility at UC Berkeley

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