[Micronet] Rate reduction for performance tier storage for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service

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[Micronet] Rate reduction for performance tier storage for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service

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Good morning,

IST is reducing the rate for Performance tier Storage for the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service by 33% effective July 1, 2014.  Customers will see the savings reflected in their August billing. This rate reduction follows on the heels of the IST Storage Team’s recently announced reduction for their Performance tier Storage offering.

The new flash storage arrays provide faster and less expensive storage for high-performance computing needs such as high input/output (I/O) enterprise applications and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database servers.

IST Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service


New monthly rate

Prior monthly rate



$ 0.24 per GB

$ 0.36 per GB



$ 0.06 per GB

$ 0.06 per GB


The new rate reduction has been incorporated into the IST Estimator Tool that can be used to calculate the costs of a UC Berkeley Virtual Private Server (VPS) and place an order online.

Billing Questions

For questions about your IST bill, please contact the IST Billing and Analysis unit, [hidden email].


For additional questions regarding the Virtual Private Server (VPS) Service, please contact the IST Cloud team, [hidden email].


IT Communications

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