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[Micronet] Redirect Feature in bMail?

John McChesney-Young
Is there a way to forward messages on an individual basis in such a
way that the sender's name is maintained as the sender? "Redirect" in
Eudora, PINE (or so I've read), and Thunderbird with this extension:
http://mailredirect.sourceforge.net/index.html is the function I'm
looking for and I know a forwarding filter in Gmail/bMail will do this
as messages come in, but is there anything comparable that will work
once a message has hit the Inbox?



John McChesney-Young, Administrative Assistant
History of Art Department, 416 Doe MC6020
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley CA 94720-6020
[hidden email] // voice 1-510-642-5511 // fax 1-510-643-2185

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