[Micronet] Reminder: PM Training & Practices Survey Due July 16

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[Micronet] Reminder: PM Training & Practices Survey Due July 16

Ocio-Comm Departmental

icon for Technology Program Office (TPO)Dear Colleagues,

Do you manage IT projects as part of your campus work? If the answer is yes, we want to hear from you.

Please take a few moments and complete this brief survey by Thursday, July 16.

PM survey button

Thank you to those who have already provided feedback. Your input will help the TPO learn about the kinds of project management training and career development opportunities that campus staff, who manage IT projects, are interested in pursuing. The survey is being conducted as part of the TPO’s mission to foster project management best practices on the UC Berkeley campus and will also help identify the range of project management practices currently used and the scale of IT projects conducted.

When complete, the TPO will use data from the survey to share information about opportunities for campus staff to enhance their project management skills and exchange their knowledge with other project management practitioners.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact me by email at [hidden email] or telephone at (510) 643-2255.

We appreciate your participation and input!

Jon Conhaim
Manager of the Technology Program Office

UC Berkeley’s Technology Program Office

The mission of the Technology Program Office (TPO) is to plan, foster, and coordinate strategic information technology (IT) projects that serve the needs of the campus community. The TPO provides expert project managers who bring together people, processes, and resources to enable successful project outcomes.

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