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[Micronet] Reminder: UCCSC Proposal Deadline is Tomorrow

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As a reminder, tomorrow is the deadline to submit a proposal for the UCCSC 2016 “In IT Together” Conference at UC Santa Cruz, July 10 -12.

Please submit your proposal via the UCCSC Sessions Form. All we need today is your idea, session title and a short description. Then mark your calendars, because registration opens on April 15.

Never attended UCCSC? Here’s your chance. First-timers may qualify to have the conference registration fee ($250) waived! To help generate new faces and energy at UCCSC in July, UCOP is sponsoring IT employees from each UC campus and medical center, who have never attended the conference. In order to qualify to have the conference registration fee waived, fill out this form by April 11. All entries will be entered into the contest. You will be contacted before April 15 with the contest results. Need more reasons to attend? Watch this video from Tom Andriola, Systemwide CIO and VP of Information Technology Services.

More information about the conference can be found on the UCCSC 2016 website.

Thank you,

Norm Cheng

UC Berkeley, UCCSC 2016 Ambassador

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