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[Micronet] Reminder: subscribe to calnet-developers@lists.berkeley.edu for technical announcements re: CalNet services

Dedra Chamberlin
Hello Micronet,

The CalNet team is hard at work on some exciting Identity and Access Management projects, and I wanted to remind the campus IT community about our calnet-developers mailing list.  The CalNet team encourages campus IT staff to subscribe to this list if your systems or applications integrate with the central authentication and authorization services we run, like CAS, Shibboleth, MIT Kerberos, and LDAP.  At times, we need to upgrade or enhance those central services, and we use the calnet-developers mailing list as a way to send important information to campus technical contacts.  For any significant changes, our practice is to roll updates into our test environments, and give the campus ample notice and opportunity to test integrations before we modify our production services.  We announce upgrade schedules and test windows via the carnet-developers mailing list.

In the coming months, we have a couple changes planned that will require campus departments to test their current integrations:  Shibboleth upgrade (we will be upgrading the campus Shibboleth Identity Provider to the latest release) and LDAP re-platform (we will be migrating the campus directory service from Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition to ForgeRock's OpenDJ).

Please make sure you and/or colleagues/staff from your department who manage services integrated with CalNet are subscribed to the calnet-developers mailing list.   Just log into CalMail, select "Manage Your Mailing Lists" and in the box at the bottom of the screen, enter [hidden email].

We also hold periodic CalNet Tech Team meetings where we can share information with campus staff and gather input/feedback.  I have scheduled the next CalNet Tech Team meeting for October 18 using a previous invite to determine the invite list.   I will happily add/remove people as appropriate.  Just let me know if you you are not on the invite and would like to be added or if you are on the invite and would like to be removed. 

Also, we are in the process of selecting a new IAM Engineering Manager who will facilitate future CalNet Tech Team meetings, as well as manage IAM operations at UCB and UCSF.  With any luck, I will be able to update everyone at the October meeting.  


- Dedra

Dedra Chamberlin, Deputy Director
Identity and Access Management
UCSF and UC Berkeley
415-502-3181 (office)
510-710-1554 (cell)

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