[Micronet] Remote Desktop with TS Gateway from Linux?

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[Micronet] Remote Desktop with TS Gateway from Linux?

Mike Valenza
Has anyone come up with a way to make a remote desktop connection work
from Linux when a terminal server gateway is involved?

I have found that Remmini works great as a remote desktop client from
Linux to a Windows PC, as long as there is no gateway configuration
required.  The problem is that Remmini just doesn't seem to support
gateways, and my online searches show that a lot of people have run into
this issue, but so Remmini has not been updated to support it.  I have
seen some references to a command line interface using xfreerdp, but I
am not clear on how well this really works and I am also not sure if I
would need to compile it locally on my Linux machine before I could try it.

Any suggestions on getting this to work would be appreciated. Thanks!


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