[Micronet] Request for input by 2/13: MSSEI revision for protecting level 1 information

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[Micronet] Request for input by 2/13: MSSEI revision for protecting level 1 information

Lisa Ho
Dear Micronet,

I am pleased to request your feedback on the 2013 draft revision of the Minimum Security Standards for Electronic Information (MSSEI).

MSSEI 2013 is important to the broad UC Berkeley community because it defines requirements for protecting level 1 information.  Examples include non-public personal information about students and employees.  All faculty and staff are presumed to handle level 1 information by default.

Please review the draft revision at:  security.berkeley.edu/mssei-2013 and submit comments to  [hidden email]  by Wednesday, February 13.

Major updates to the policy are listed at:  https://security.berkeley.edu/content/mssei-2012-2013-changes

Discussion via micronet or ucb-security is encouraged, but please send all final comments to [hidden email] to ensure policy consideration.

I also encourage you to review the draft MSSEI guidelines that will be linked from MSSEI when completed (more info available on the security.berkeley.edu homepage).

I look forward to receiving your input.

Thank you,

Lisa Ho
IT Policy Manager
University of California, Berkeley

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