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[Micronet] Salesforce User/Developer Day - Thursday, March 29, 8am - noon

Devin Jones
In conjunction with AppNet's "12 Things in 12 Months" project, the
people at Salesforce have volunteered some staff to visit us and provide
both a non-technical and a technical introduction to Salesforce.  Haas
has provided space in a computer lab, and will demo some of the work
they have done on the platform.

This is also an opportunity to meet other folks on campus who are using
this technology.

Below is the Agenda and official announcement.

For more information about the 12-Things project, see:



Please feel free to forward to others.

What: An opportunity to meet your peers using Salesforce.com on Campus.
Learn about their use cases and learn how to develop applications on the
platform (you do not need to be a developer)

When: Next Thursday, March 29th from 8:00-12:00.
We will start off with introductions and use cases and then have an
overview of building on the platform. If you would like to simply meet
the others on campus using Salesforce I suggest coming for the first 45
minutes or so.

Where: Haas room S300T

Directions: Make your way to the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
building complex (http://www.berkeley.edu/map/3dmap/3dmap.shtml). Find
the 3rd floor of the Student Services building. The Data Center facility
is to the left of the Chase ATM machine. Enter the Data Center and stay
to the right. Go all the way back to the last short hallway on the right
and turn right, directly into room S300T, the training room and site of
this meeting.

Quick introductions of team and the agenda.
• Overview of the Foundation
• Brief discussion of current and future use cases at Haas and elsewhere
on campus and broader university community
• Use Case Introduction
• Building an App in Force.com, including Formulas and Workflows
• Using Apex Code
• Using Visualforce
• Integration and Web Services on Force.com


Devin Jones
Manager of Software Development
UC Berkeley School of Law -- Boalt Hall
[hidden email]

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