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[Micronet] Security SIG: "Understanding SNS Security Reports", October 20th, 10:30 - noon

Ocio-Comm Departmental
The Office of the CIO presents:

"Understanding SNS Security Reports"

Wednesday, October 20th, 10:30 - noon
The McCollum Room
7th floor, Tan Hall

On October 5 of this year, System and Network Security (SNS) issued the
first edition of our bi-annual security reports to campus vice
chancellors, deans, directors, and IT managers. These report included
summary data for ten (10) security metrics consolidated for campus
organizations, based on the past six month's data collected by SNS
applications, network monitoring and notification systems.

In this presentation, Allison Henry from IST-System and Network
Security(SNS), will offer additional details on how each metric is
calculated, and how the numbers are consolidated based on the campus
organizational tree. She will explain the "red flags" highlighted in the
reports, and offer general suggestions on how campus departments can
improve their metrics.

Time will be available for Q/A; however, any questions specific to a
particular report should be sent [hidden email] prior to the

Descriptions and resources from previous Security SIG events can be found
at https://security.berkeley.edu/SIG/.

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