[Micronet] Socrates bMail migration issues from this weekend

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[Micronet] Socrates bMail migration issues from this weekend

Hi Micronet,

The bConnected team had scheduled about 980 Socrates account migrations to occur last weekend.

I wanted to let you know  that we made an error during our setup that caused a list of people who were supposed to be deferred to be processed for migration.  This led to the premature and unfortunate migration of 132 people who we did NOT plan to migrate last weekend.

The bConnected team, along with the Application Support Center is reaching out personally to the affected users and their IT staff, as well as department unit coordinators who have been working with the team on scheduling.  The symptoms are that affected people will not receive new email in CalMail-- their mail is going to Google, at http://bmail.berkeley.edu  Also, they can use CalMail, but it will be in a READONLY mode.  If an affected user sent messages since the migration, their outbound messages were delivered to recipients but not saved in "sent mail".

Anyone who wants help or more information should contact  [hidden email]

Thank you and we are all very sorry for this inconvenience.


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