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[Micronet] Spoofing and Phishing

Charles James
Hi, Netters:

In recent times I have received, as I am sure you have as well, emails that are either ours but sent by third outside parties such as for survey's, etc., or from us but have links imbedded. It occurs to me, as a novice nobody, that even if the emails are legitimate sending them out with links makes it impossible to determine with reasonableness whether they are real or memorax. I often, out of security and caution since I access servers for my work and link to external drives for work just delete them even when I send them to security for evaluation and validation. It is just too easy to make them look so legit, so real, and so possibly dangerous that it is not worth it to just take a campus survey or some other prompt by campus management or the nefarious predators lurking around and waiting patiently for just one of us to "click that link."

The issue from my desk is exacerbated by, first security often defers to the originator such as HR for surveys, etc. and second when often I make contact the response is so ambiguous  I still just delete the thing. Yes, I am a bit more security conscious or paranoid especially after reading up, I do this often, on future crimes in the electronic world titled, "Future Crimes", by Marc Goodman but even it his predictions are only half or one-third accurate it exposes us to grave harm, etc.

Example: Today a security notice was sent regarding the Locky Ransomware but it was filled with links to click. Now, it really is legit but then again, "Is it?" I often recommend to folks who I work with and ask, "Don't embed the links, remove the https:// and just put in the address with a parens saying, (Copy and Paste the link into your browser to view, don't click it), because as good as the predators out there are getting and the sneaky way they work it is very reasonable and possible that such emails are spoofed or can be spoofed making those of us who access servers remotely and connect to external drives opens the door to bad, bad things.

Is this reasonable or am I just paranoid? Why do we, the most advanced and intelligent IT professionals around, still use spoof-able emails to convey information and take surveys and provide security recommendations, etc., using the very same processes the predators use, we should be able to do better, right? I really want to know.

Respectfully Submitted,


p.s. If you click-it, they will come!


Charles E. James
IST - Administrative IT Solutions
Wk: 510-642-8440 
ASG Deputy Email: [hidden email]

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