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[Micronet] Staffing Changes in System and Network Security

Dedra Chamberlin
Dear Micronet,

I am writing to let you know about some staffing changes I am
implementing within System and Network Security (SNS) to better serve
the campus.

Security Operations Lead
In March, SNS is extremely fortunate to be welcoming Paul Rivers to a
new "Security Operations Lead" position within SNS.  Paul has worked for
several years as a technical lead with the IST Database Administration
group and was one of the founding members of the campus-wide Data
Security Review team.  Paul will start with SNS March 8th and will be
responsible for overseeing day-do-day campus security operations,
managing SNS projects, and working with our key stakeholders to set
direction for future SNS efforts.

SNS Frontline Support
Over the next few months, frontline support for SNS tickets will be
migrated from SNS to IST-Client Services.  Assuming the migration goes
smoothly and we have adequate resources, we will make this a permanent
arrangement.  We are fortunate to have Craig Carlson taking on this new
frontline security support role.  Craig worked at UCB's College of
Letters and Science for the past two years and at UCSF prior to that
providing a wide range of IT support services.  You will see Craig's
name on correspondence related to SNS tickets effective immediately.
Craig will be reporting to Bernie Rossi in IST-Client Services. Please
feel free to share any feedback on our new support model with myself
and/or Bernie.



Dedra Chamberlin, Manager
CalNet - Identity and Access Management
SNS - System and Network Security
University of California, Berkeley

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