[Micronet] Streaming Live Now! Summer School Session #4: Infographics: Tools to Present a Lot of Data in a Condensed Space

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[Micronet] Streaming Live Now! Summer School Session #4: Infographics: Tools to Present a Lot of Data in a Condensed Space

James Kent Dudek
Summer School Session #4: Infographics: Tools to Present Hi All,

We are streaming live now!   The audio portion of today's session will start with the session.  Do not adjust your sets, as they used to say.

This session will also be archived at the same streaming site:



Greetings -
The next session of the IDMG-sponsored Summer Data Series "Turning Data into Information"  will be Tuesday, July 13 from 10:30 am-noon in 60 Barrows. 

The topic is "Infographics: Tools to Present a Lot of Data in a Condensed Space".

If you can't get away from your desk, a live stream of the session will be running at
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bpawg-at-berkeley The session will also be
archived for future viewing (and reviewing).

Russ Acker and Pam Brown from the Office of Planning & Analysis will be
leading the session. What will the session cover? From the IDMG Summer
Series webpage:

Making data-driven decisions in a complex environment like UC Berkeley
usually means drawing on multiple sources of data. Preparing and presenting
complex data doesn't have to mean dense tables and long narratives.
Infographics allow the analyst and presenter to deliver a wealth of data in
easy-to-digest portions that does not shortchange the audience. This session
will focus on tools such as sparklines, treemaps and other forms of
infographics that will allow you to fully inform your audience with clarity
and precision.

Hope to see you there!



Greg Dubrow
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