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[Micronet] Streaming Live now! What Did They Say? Tools to Present Survey Data

James Kent Dudek
CAN is streaming live now at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/can-at-berkeley  

Audio will begin once the session starts.

This session will also be archived at the same location.

Please see attached a PDF and a graphic about today's session


Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to attend the third in our 8-session summer school series on Turning
Data into Information - Tools, Tips and Training.   The session is being hosted by the Cal Assessment Network (CAN).

What Did They Say?  Tools to Present Survey Data
Date:  Tuesday, July 6
Time:  10:30-12:00
Location:  60 Barrows

This session will be streamed and archived at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/can-at-berkeley.

Gregg Thomson, Director, Office of Student Research and Campus Surveys
Greg Dubrow, Director, Research and Policy Analysis, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

At this session, Gregg Thomson will provide concrete advice and tips on how best to present survey data.  He will discuss the considerations one should make and the tools that can be used to present quantitative and qualitative information such that it can be quickly understood and interpreted.  Greg Dubrow will then demonstrate a tool that can be used to summarize qualitative data called a WordCloud (www.wordle.net).

There will be time during the meeting for discussion and questions.  Materials used will be posted to the Institutional Data Management Initiative website and the CAN bSpace following the meeting. 

If you want to play along while the presentation is going on, please bring your laptop or a friend with a laptop.  This is not necessary, but an option as AirBears is available in the room.

After the meeting, please join the presenters at the Faculty Club for a no-host lunch and the opportunity to continue the discussion.

Everyone welcome; no need to RSVP.

For more information about the summer series, please see the schedule below and the IDMG Summer Sessions page.


Turning Data into Information - Tools, Tips and Training
Summer School Schedule


June 1 (10:30am-12pm)
Summer Series Overview & Presentation Boot Camp (aka Tufte in Twenty Minutes)

June 24 (3-4:30pm)
Let's Get Organized: bSpace to Google Docs

July 6 (10:30am-12pm)
What Did They Say?  Tools to Present Survey Data

July 13 (10-11:30am)
Infographics: Tools to Present a Lot of Data in a Condensed Space
Policy Analysts Roundtable [hidden email]

July 22 (3:30-5:00pm)  New Time!
Web Tools: From Google Charts to Screen Casting

August 3 (10:30am-12pm)
How to Create a Supergraphic

August 10 (10-11:30am)
Framing Your Message:  Panel Discussion on Creating Handouts and Presentation Materials
Policy Analysts Roundtable [hidden email]

August 19 (3-4:30pm) New Date!
From A to B: Presenting Process Maps and Redesign Tools

* The Cal Assessment Network offers the UC community a forum where like-minded colleagues can make connections, find support, receive training and share best practices on the topic of assessment. Monthly meetings, a list-serve, and a bSpace provide avenues for discussing a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

o Assessment Methods
o Learning Outcomes
o Communicating About Assessment
o Strategic Plan Evaluation
o Academic Program Reviews
o Student Services Assessment

Membership is open to all campus staff.

Katie Dustin                                   
Project/Policy Analyst and Adviser                     
College of Letters and Science                 
University of California, Berkeley     
113 Campbell Hall, #2924
Berkeley, CA  94720-2924
Phone:  510-642-8740
Fax:  510-642-2372
Email:  [hidden email]

Cal Assessment Network
bSpace:     Cal Assessment Network
Facebook:  CAN-at-Berkeley

James Kent Dudek
Business Systems Analyst
Kuali Student - Student Service Systems
2 Hearst Gym
University of California, Berkeley
AIM:  JamesKentDudek
Skype:  james.kent.dudek

What is Kuali Student?

Business Process Analysis Working Group (BPAWG)


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