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Allison Henry


Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2 has been released, and the
Administrator tools and client installers have been posted:


These clients fully support Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8. The custom
installers have not been built yet, but performing an upgrade with the
posted installers should preserve most settings from the SEP11 client.
If you want AV but not the SEP firewall, choose a custom install and
remove "Network Threat Protection".

Also FYI Symantec has released a fix tool for the previously announced
SYM12-017 CAB decomposer vulnerability:


If you are unable to upgrade systems to SEP12.1, you can use this tool
to patch the vulnerability on SEP11 systems. This information is also
posted to the Berkeley Security website:


And as always there is lots more information and discussion on the
UCB-security mailing list. Thanks,

Allison Henry
System and Network Security
University of California, Berkeley

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