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[Micronet] Systems Administrator and QA Engineer Job Openings for SIS project

Kevin Chan-2
Hi Micronet,

FYI, the SIS project is looking for an SA 3 and a QA Analyst 4 to help support the current student and future SIS portal, CalCentral (https://calcentral.berkeley.edu/).

Here are brief descriptions of the positions.

Linux Systems Administrator 3 (Job ID: 19415):
This position involves serving as the technical administrator for hardware, operating systems, and network management. Plans and coordinates the installation, configuration and testing of hardware and software components. Work may involve central or departmental computer systems and networks. Includes web systems administration.
QA Analyst 4 (Job ID: 19407):
This position involves developing, evaluating, revising, and applying technical quality assurance protocols/methods to inspect and test in-process a variety of IT processes, programs and products. Ensures activities and items are in compliance with both campus IT quality assurance standards and applicable government regulations. Performs analysis and identifies trends in the inspection of IT processes, programs and products in-process and recommends corrective actions when necessary. Ensures that established inspection, sampling and statistical process control procedures are followed. May assure compliance to UC and/or external specifications and standards. Evaluates and analyzes the efforts in organizing, documenting, and interpreting inspection support documents and records.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Daniel Brown (SIS Talent Acquisition Specialist; [hidden email]).
  Kevin Chan

  Manager - Systems Administration Team
  Educational Technology Services
  UC Berkeley

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