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Michael R Mundrane

I am writing to introduce Tech Commons, a new IST supported service for
the campus IT community, and to solicit your feedback.

Tech Commons is a social-discovery tool designed to help UC Berkeley
employees and affiliates discover, share, review, rate, and access
technologies that will help them become more productive professionally
and personally.  It has been in development since the spring and will be
publicly released late this month.  A functioning, preproduction
instance can be reached at the following URL:


The initial design of Tech Commons was targeted to meet basic community
needs and expectations regarding contribution, search, reviews, and
support.  It is applicable to systems and services whether they are
provided by the campus or by outside vendors.  A more detailed
discussion of the business case, guiding principles, and initial
functionality has been recorded as a BPAWG presentation and is located
at the following URL:


Tech Commons is meant to be a continuously evolving community tool
provided for the common good of the campus. The initial design is a
scaffold within which the community can request enhanced functionality.  
Given Micronet's role as the largest technology forum on campus, I
invite you to review the presentation and the tool itself.  Any feedback
you can provide would be appreciated, but we are specifically seeking
your insights and opinions with respect to the following two issues:

     1.    How can Tech Commons best support and complement the campus
IT community and its goals?
     2.    What additional features/modifications to this tool would
make this tool more appealing and usable to the campus IT community?

Please reply to Micronet so that the community can review and react to
any feedback.

Thank you,


Dr. Michael R Mundrane
Deputy Chief Information Officer
University of California, Berkeley

Phone: 510.642.6365    Cell: 510.457.5128    Fax: 510.643.5385

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