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[Micronet] Thanks ! -- Re: Torx T#7 security screwdriver to borrow

Rene Viray
Thanks to all who responded so quickly!  Guy from EH&S
to the rescue !  Got it done in a minute once you have the right tool!


Hi All,
       I'm upgrading the SSD on a Toshiba laptop. Took off
13 Phillips screws around it,  and right in the middle under a rubber pad was
a Torx screw with a button in the middle.
       Took out my set of Torx anti-theft screw and wouldn't you know it,
the only one missing is a T#7  8-(  .
        So anybody has one? I'd come over and remove this screw once and
I'm not putting it back 8-)


Rene Viray
Ph: (510) 643-0873
Email: [hidden email]
2113 Etcheverry Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740  

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