[Micronet] Travel Reinbursement Report printing problems.

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[Micronet] Travel Reinbursement Report printing problems.

Bruce Satow
I don't know if any of the Micronet folks do business office support, but a problem has occurred regarding the Java security updates and the travel reimbursement site.

When the business office personnel go to the Travel Reimbursement Report website, they generate a report thru imagineweb.berkeley.edu which uses webnow6.

After the Java updates, (java ver. 7 update 15)  the PDF that gets displayed can no longer be printed.   They used to be able to print it.

All that comes out is a blank sheet of paper.  It does not matter if they are using Internet explorer or Firefox, PS or PCL.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?  It is a critical.  If not, who do I report this to?

Many thanks,

  Bruce Satow
  Systems Administrator
  University of California at Berkeley  
  Space Sciences Laboratory
  7 Gauss Way
  Berkeley, California 94720-7450

  Phone: (510) 643-2348
      Cell: (510) 847-1914

Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

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