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[Micronet] UC Berkeley Position Available - Web Applications Developer

Robert Sajan
Dear micronet, 

We are looking for a web application developer here at University Development and Alumni Relations - and so I wanted to share this with you in case you or someone you know might be interested. 

If you are interested I've added some of my own additional comments about the job below, plus a link to the UC Berkeley job posting. 

Please accept my apologies if you've seen this message via other campus email lists. 

Thank you, 

We are looking for an experienced web application developer who is highly skilled in PHP and SQL. 

You should also be comfortable with JavaScript, JQuery, asynchronous browser communications, json, working in a LAMP environment. 

Responsibilities include developing UC Berkeley's gift site - give.berkeley.edu, UC Berkeley's alumni network "@Cal" - cal.berkeley.edu, UC Berkeley's big day of giving site "Big Give" - biggive.berkeley.edu, etc. We have many backend systems/applications/services as well that you could interact with and contribute to. 

You must be comfortable creating custom data reports using SQL - where some queries may be long and complex. 

These are not required but are a plus: 
- familiarity with Drupal, Symfony, other PHP frameworks
- familiarity with ColdFusion, ASP (we have a few legacy applications - our goal to port to PHP)

You would be joining the Advancement Marketing Communications department's web development team. You should be comfortable working in a collaborative team environment. 

The team is a small agile group of developers which includes a frontend developer, Drupal application developer, part-time junior developer, backend applications and systems developer (devops) and other business support people. We work with various operations teams and hosting environments on and off campus. We are open to new ideas, technologies and architectures if they fit our needs/requirements - providing a campus development environment where you can make a significant impact.

We are currently accepting submissions, so if this position interests you and you are a good fit, please consider applying. 

You can read more about the position at jobs.berkeley.edu - search for job ID: 20779


[ Robert Sajan ] Web Applications & Systems Developer
Web and Interactive Media Group | University Development and Alumni Relations

University of California, Berkeley

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