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[Micronet] UNIX Webfarm Upgrade Announcement

Veronica ONG

The IST Enterprise UNIX is upgrading its Webfarm service with new hardware and updated software stack to improve system performance, reliability and maintenance efficiency. 


What We’re Planning


We aim to complete the upgrade of the Development environment in March, 2012 QA in April 2012 and Production in May 2012. If you’re a current customer, please be prepared to test your applications.  The current plan for testing is as follows:



Test Dates


Mar 19 to Mar 30, 2012


Apr 9 to Apr 20, 2012


Apr 30 to May 18, 2012


We will send customers email reminders as we get closer to the test dates and post updates on this webpage: http://ist.berkeley.edu/webfarmupgrade .


We also invite you to attend this information session in March (mark your calendars!):


                UNIX  Webfarm Upgrade Information Session

                March 6, 2012, Tuesday

                101A Earl Warren Hall

                2195 Hearst, Berkeley CA


What Current Customers Can Do Now


Please review the UNIX Webfarm Service Level Agreement, which has information that is particularly useful during upgrade project:  sections 3.3 Customer Responsibilities, 5.1.2 Incident Reporting and 5.1.4 Service Requests.


You may also want to take this opportunity to determine whether to continue with the UNIX Webfarm service or move to services that may be more appropriate for your applications such as the Drupal Cloud Web Hosting service or the Cloud Computing Virtual Private Servers .  For consultation and more information, contact the Unix Team at [hidden email] .



Ronnie Ong, DCIO- Technical Project Manager

Jeff Makaiwi, IST Enterprise UNIX Team - System Administrator


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