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[Micronet] UPDATED CHARTER comment period ending Friday

Vivian Sophia
Aron and everyone,

As Ian said, Micronet IS an organization for campus IT professionals. Let's not change that. Let's not put that up for a vote. Let's not change the character of Micronet because of trying to make the charter be reflective of everyone's ideas.

Other people are welcome to join. The wording can reflect the fact that others are also welcome.

At heart, it is an organization FOR people whose job is IT. That is the core of Micronet.

When I volunteered to be the coordinator, I volunteered to be the coordinator of an organization that is for IT professionals. I will step down if it is turning into something else.

I appreciate all the comments that have been made so far. All comments will be taken into account when the final charter language is submitted. 

And editing by committee has never been an effective way to come up with the best language for anything, and is not the intention for this comments period. The intention is to hear all concerns with the language as presented. 

We have seen that one of the concerns was the ambiguity in "voluntary professional" and one of the concerns was that people want to be sure others beside UCB IT professionals can be included.

Are there any other concerns?

Vivian Sophia
Berkeley IT (CSS)
Business/Tech Support Analyst
University of California, Berkeley
310B Durant Hall
(510) 541-6120

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