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[Micronet] Upcoming Micronet Meeting-this Wednesday, 10:30-noon, IT Polict &Network Security

Claudia A. WATERS
April, 24, 2013, Information Risk Management and Information Security Policy

Wednesday,  10:30-noon, 150 University Hall 

Speakers: Lisa Ho, IT Policy Manager and Paul Rivers, Manager, System and Network Security

Paul and Lisa decipher campus minimum security standards (MSSEI:
electronic information and MSSND: networked devices) within the
context of a new campus Information Risk Management Program.

Compliance with the revised Minimum Security Standards for Electronic Information that are applicable to protection level 2 (notice-triggering) data is required by this July 1, 2013.  

Controls for protection level 1 data (student and personnel records and all other information not intended for public access) are set to be approved and effective July 2014.

Do you have the information you need to meet compliance requirements?

Who is responsible for MSSEI compliance, anyway?

Paul Rivers, manager System and Network Security, and Lisa Ho, IT Policy Manager, are planning an interactive session to hear from you what are your MSSEI "Hot Topics" and to provide answers to your MSSEI questions.

To make the most of the session, please review the revised standard (security.berkeley.edu/mssei-2013and come prepared with your MSSEI "Hot Topic" in mind:
What control is going to impact you the most?
What is difficult to implement? What implementation barriers do you face?
What parts are unclear?
What campus services would be helpful for achieving compliance?
What’s unclear about responsibilities?
What control are you happy is finally in policy?


Larry Conrad's presentation to Micronet: http://www.ustream.v/recorded/31514071


Claudia Waters
Manager Computing and Statistics
School of Social Welfare
University of California
(510) 643-6668

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