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[Micronet] Update and an invitation from the Productivity Suite team

This is a message for campus IT staff, to give you as much information as we have now on the upcoming Adobe software distribution as part of OE's Productivity Suite project.

As most of you probably know, campus recently entered into an agreement with Adobe for staff and faculty to have access to the Creative Suite Master Collection product and for students to have access to the Creative Suite Design Premium product.  For further information about the agreement, visit:  http://technology.berkeley.edu/productivity-suite/adobe/

As previously announced, we will begin distribution on Tuesday 9/6.  This launch will be limited to students. They will receive a software license key for either Mac or Window via Calnet authentication, then will be directed to download the 30-day trial version of Design Premium via Adobe's download site.  The license key must be entered into the trial version to enable the software after the 30 day trial period. 

We have purposefully delayed faculty and staff in order to allow us sufficient time to work with departmental IT staff to develop the best way to distribute the software and support them in making it available to the populations they support. For that reason, anyone landing on the distribution page (referenced above) with a primary affiliation other than student will see the following message:

“Sorry! You are not eligible for any software product at this time. If you are faculty or staff, please visit the Adobe Campuswide Software License page for information about when software will be available.”

At this time we are not committing to a specific distribution date for faculty and staff licenses, although we hope to be able to sort out all of the issues in the next couple of weeks.

The Service Desk and Docs teams in IST's Campus Technology Services are handling media management and software distribution, and they only just received the first batch of media and licenses from Adobe a day ago.  There are several different permutations of software installers, including but not limited to Mac/Windows, silent as well as interactive installers. The video editing tools in the Master Collection Suite require 64-bit machines (though testing showed they can be deselected during installation to allow setup of the rest of the Master Collection suite on 32-bit machines.)

For departmental IT staff who support users that require elevated credentials to install software (i.e., don't have admin rights), we are building an unlimited installer that will not require individual licenses for deployment. This requires building the installer with an embedded license or licensing file, and testing across various operating systems to ensure they function as expected.  We are making this our top priority, but need additional time to complete these activities.  We intend to distribute these installers locally through the Moffitt computer lab located on the first floor of Moffitt library on campus and by access to file server download.

To ensure adequate support for faculty and staff installing the Adobe products at home, installation documentation will be created and made available via the web.  We do not have a firm date yet for enabling individual license provisioning for faculty and staff, though we expect to soon. We will be pointing them to Adobe's trial Master Collection media, which they can activate just as the students have.

For staff, faculty or students who encounter license issues, they may report problems to: [hidden email] which will generate a support ticket.

If your campus role involves IT support for students, faculty or staff please come be part of the discussion and solution development for software deployment by subscribing to the [hidden email] list ( https://calmail.berkeley.edu/manage/list/listinfo/productivitysuite@... ).   That's the same list we publicized previously on Micronet as a place where you can send requirements or input to the OE Productivity Suite team, and we've listened to your feedback and in the interests of openness made a decision to open the list to campus IT staff.  We hope to use the list a forum for two-way communication between the OE Productivity Suite team and campus IT staff who will be involved or affected during implementation and post-release support.   The project will post real-time information there, and it will be open for discussion between all of us on IT staff for support and information sharing throughout the OE Productivity Suite planning and rollout.

Thanks a lot, 
Bill, on behalf of the PS team

Bill Allison
Director, Campus Technology Services / IST

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