[Micronet] Update on SEP support for Windows 8 and Mountain Lion

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[Micronet] Update on SEP support for Windows 8 and Mountain Lion

Allison Henry
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We've been getting some questions about this so I wanted to offer an
update to the campus on the status of Symantec Endpoint Protection
(SEP) support for new operating systems, specifically Windows 8 and
Mac OS 10.8 "Mountain Lion". I met with our Symantec reps last week,
and they stated that the next release, SEP 12.1 RU2, will support both
Windows 8 and Mountain Lion. It is due to be released later this month
and I will post the Administrator DVD and the out-of-the-box,
unmanaged client installers as soon as they are available.

The new SEP clients should be available ahead of the Oct 26th release
date for Windows 8. Until the client is available, current Mac OS
Mountain Lion users can download free anti-virus software from the Mac
App Store. The free Norton client, http://www.iantivirus.com/product/,
is available from the Mac App Store and is an acceptable alternative
for both home and UC Berkeley owned machines.

In order to provide a managed SEP 12.1 RU2 client for Windows and Mac,
we will need to upgrade the campus central SEP management console. I
have tentatively scheduled this work for early December, with the goal
of having managed SEP12 clients available after the holiday break. If
you have an account on the central SEPM console I will contact you
next month with further details.

Also please be aware that Symantec has discontinued support for the
old Symantec AntiVirus (SAV) software, and in the near future virus
definition updates will not be available for SAV. If you still have
any SAV10 or earlier clients, please make sure to upgrade them to SEP
as they are no longer in compliance with campus minimum security

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns,

- --
Allison Henry
System and Network Security
University of California, Berkeley
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